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The Tribulation By Dr. Scott McQuate

Copyright, Dr. Scott McQuate

We've all heard of The Tribulation and are familiar with the doctrinally-sound version of this event as it
has been passed down through th annals of Christendom, but what if the overt, widely-accepted version was hiding the truth about this epic event? Would that be so hard to believe especially in light of the words in the Bible that tell us 'It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, but the glory of Kings to discover a matter'? 

Esu (Jesus) was always at odds with those known as the Scribes. They along with their cohorts the Pharisees were always interrogating him and trying to trap him in his words. Those same scribes were the ones who wrote the Bible. The problem with that you see, is that what these individuals wrote, we are told in Jeremiah 8:8, were 'lies'. We read in Jeremiah 8:8 'The pen of the scribes is a liar'

That was during the time of the enslavement of Israel in Babylon, yet today, we are told that we are living in Mystery Babylon, according to Revelation 17 and 18. If the scribes were liars in the past as well as in the future, when they accosted Esu, is it possible that the religious leaders of that day that led the people astray, are following suit, leading Christians astray, today as well? The answer is absolutely. We are told in Jeremiah 2:8, 10:21, 12:10, 22:22, 23:1 and 2 that the ones responsible for the spiritual and physical enslavement at that time were the 'Pastors'; and I am here to tell you that nothing has changed in 2600 years. This is the reason that those in the church must be very careful not to listen to the scribal doctrines disseminated by those same individuals and one of the most misleading doctrines that has been spread is that of the Great Tribulation.

The Tribulation is an event that is important to Christians, but there is not a Christian alive that understands the meaning of this End Time event. When it comes to The Tribulation, dates have been changed, words have been mistranslated, doctrines have been manufactured and in short, those within the walls of Christianity as well as those who have been Christianized, have been sold a bill of goods.

To learn the real meaning of The Tribulation and what clues the Sumerians, Canaanites, Mayans, Hebrews, Greeks and others left us about this event that have been hidden, you can read my new book on this topic. You will learn the true, ancient meaning of Repentance, what The Tribulation is all about, how it is connected to the Sphinx, The Great Pyramid, a secret Matrix spoken of in the Bible, ancient genetic manipulation, the mysterious and misunderstood Djedd Pillar from the Egyptian temple at Dendera, the Phrygian cap, the millstone that will soon destroy Babylon and much, much more including the significance of a recently-discovered stone hive and its connection to the Garden in Eden and your very own DNA.

We are told in the book of Daniel that in the time of the End, the book will be opened and knowledge will increase and we are living in the End times today. What I've uncovered is not available anywhere else, quite literally and is absolutely unknown to Scholars and Theologians. What does that mean? I don't know, exactly, but what I and the members of my Inner Circle do know is that it is absolutely true. These discoveries are freeing people's minds all around the world, changing their lives and drawing them closer to the Creator.

If you dare to know the truth and understand the importance of coming out of Mystery Babylon, then I invite you to go to www.TheTribulation.us to read this book that has already been called 'A Masterpiece' and 'A Classic' and learn ancient secrets that have literally been hidden beneath the pages of the Bible for thousands of years.



Copyright, Dr. Scott McQuate

When I'm doing the exegesis (the uncovering of the language), I use the language that best fits the 'context', because the context is the 'all-important' factor when trying to figure out what is being said, not really 'which' language to use. I used to think that was true, because that is what i was taught in Seminary, like every other Seminarian, but that was not true.

The truth is scattered throughout and hidden beneath the various languages, and the 'real answers' have proven to be mostly available within the Sumerian language, over and over again. (This is why most pastors and theologians get stuck, because they're never taught to go beyond the traditional languages of the Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek etc. with which the Bible was written. If they were taught, despite what tradition says, that those languages stemmed from the Sumerian, it would assist them greatly in their endeavor to learn and teach the truth. The answers are ALL there, they've just been hidden).

Linguists say that languages can be classified into groups, such as the 'Semitic', 'Indo-European' or 'Afro-Asiatic and others and they will tell you that the languages in these different groups are not related. I know as a fact that this is not true. My personal experience from years of research, tells me that there are great similarities between the Afro-Asiatic and Semitic language groups, and even between the Afro-Asiatic and English, as strange as that sounds to scholars. A good example of scholarly mistakes in identifying similarities or connections between language groups that were previously viewed as 'unrelated', is what happened back in the 1950's, when linguists began seeing far too many similarities within language groups that they once thought had no connection; French, German, English, Italian and many more. They finally put a name to these languages since they could no longer ignore the increasingly-obvious similarities and called them 'Teutonic', as they are known today.

The same thing holds true for the various ancient languages that we're talking about. As you know, the Bible tells us to seek the 'Old Paths' and calls them 'Good'. The oldest written 'language path' I can find is the Sumerian. I believe that the SUMER-ians are called such, because they were the ones who created Summer, which is precisely what happened, as Geologists will tell you, when the earth (just like Mars), was tilted on its axis. The heat that was created because of this event was necessary to manufacture an environment on earth in which the 'Angel-man' that they were creating, (with the 'Stars'/genetic material/Red dust/Spice that they stole), could survive. (Incidentally, this is what the word 'English' means. 'Engl' is an old German word for which means 'Angel' or 'Angle' and 'ish' is the Hebrew word for 'man', giving us, 'Angel Man' or 'Engl-Ish'. This is an example of a word made up of two different words from two, entirely different (or so we're told) cultures.

This theory flies in the face of currently-held conventional thought, but there is much to back it up. These Sumerians seemingly came 'out of nowhere' and were so much more advanced than any preceding culture, that it defies the natural 'anthropological' explanation as to how societies develop, incrementally. The Sumerians had no fewer than 20 'firsts', of which no known culture preceding them has any record; and one of those 'firsts' was called 'Cuneiform', which is simply the first written form of the language they created, called 'Sumerian'.

Visit my Inner Circle today, to see how research using these rules of exegesis changes the foundation of what passes as truth. No matter who you are or where you've come from, it will change your life!